What to avoid with your website

What to avoid with your website

There are a wide variety of reasons to invest time and money into the development of a website. You might be keen to capture the interest of prospective customers who spend considerable amounts of time online. A brand new website might be deemed the most appropriate means of promoting a brand new product or service to the international community of web users. However, the chances of digital success will be minimal if you make the mistakes highlighted in this helpful blog.

Content Overload

You might well be keen to communicate numerous product or service benefits to your prospective customers. However, you should adopt the policy of less is more when creating the content for your website. Remember that digital users will be put off by great walls of text and videos that take an eternity to load. The text should be succinct. The visual elements should be simple and entirely relevant.

Missing Contact Details

If you want to build an association of trust with your business then it would be advisable to include a variety of contact details on your website. Give prospective customers the option of contact via email, phone and postal. Include links to your social media profiles and maintain regular contact with the digital community.

Black-Hat SEO

There may be a temptation to adopt black-hat SEO techniques as a means of gaining a competitive advantage in the online world. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that the major search engines impose severe penalties against webmasters who adopt such shady tactics. So think twice before uploading spammy pages or purchasing links.

Design Adjustments

Dynamek creates content managed websites for business owners who are keen to maintain complete digital control. However, we do advise clients not to alter the style or images that integral to the design.  It’s worth remembering that choices regarding colour and page formatting are made for the purposes of enhanced engagement, readability and navigability.  Garish font and colour choices can make website difficult to read and ultimately will send customers elsewhere.

Failing To Enlist Professional Help

If you’re keen to enhance the chances of digital success then it would be worth getting in touch with the web design experts. You should go ahead and call Dynamek on 07590 840509 for more information about the best and worst digital practices. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and advise the implementation of effective digital strategies.