The importance of a responsive website

The importance of a responsive website

It has become increasingly common to see people surfing the internet on their smartphones and tablets over the last few years. The vast majority of business owners have responded by creating mobile-friendly websites. However, it is only recently that the digital marketeers have seen the sense of building responsive websites, rather than establishing separate mobile platforms. We’ll consider some of the reasons for the switch to responsive design in this informative blog.

It’s important that we establish the fundamentals of responsive design at the outset. Such websites are integrated with a variety of grids, layouts and css media queries to ensure functionality across the range of internet-enabled devices. The textual and visual elements are designed to increase or decrease relative to the sizes of screens viewed by different web users. This method of website design is more effective in terms of time and money than the creation of separate websites for the broad range of devices.

User Friendly Responsive Website Design

Responsive websites have the major advantage of being user-friendly. The community of web users have a definite preference for common experiences when accessing websites on different devices. They become accustomed to the navigability and main features of responsive websites. The chances of online conversions are maximised as the users enjoy a seamless browsing experience. This point is supported a Google Think Insights report which reveals that 67% of people feel more inclined to purchase products and services when accessing mobile-friendly websites.

Google have recommended responsive website design as best practice for the international community of webmasters. This is partly because it’s more efficient for the Google Bot to scan and rank websites which have exclusive URLs and HTML codes. However, the search engine representatives also appreciate that it’s easier to interact and share responsive websites via social media. Webmasters who opt for this method of design are likely to be granted favourable rankings and enjoy improved conversion rates.

Those of you with an interest in online promotion may well be keen to enjoy the great range of advantages outlined in this blog. Unfortunately you may lack the time or digital expertise to create responsive websites. Thankfully you can rely upon the expertise of Dynamek.

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