Social Media Management

Our Social Media Management will you reach thousands of potential new customers online.  We can help you manage your social media accounts on a daily basis or for a one off refresh and update.

Why do you need to use Social Media?

Social Media will increase your brand awareness.  The research that shows a person must come into contact with a brand on average seven times before they trust it and are likely to make a purchase proves that any additional advertising is beneficial.

Social Media can help drive traffic to your website and increase sales. More traffic doesn’t always equate to more sales but customers who click on your website have usually already built a personal relationship with your business, making it far more likely that they will part with their money.

Social Media is a direct line of communication where you can build actual relationships with your customers. It could mean more follow-up sales, more word of mouth recommendations, and generally a more approachable and personable brand image.

Social Media is an effective form of advertising. It is extremely cost effective and also offers a direct line of advertising to those who have followed or liked your account or page.

Social Media can improve customer satisfaction. You can celebrate positive customer experiences and resolve negative ones quickly.  If you are not on Social Media, they could be talking about you (positively or negatively) and you wouldn’t know.  You can be pro active about your customer service.

Social Media Package

Our full Social Media Package will start by identifying your goals and strategy.  Next we will improve your account presentation by personalising your profile or page.  Getting the correct image sizes and good quality graphics will give you more credibility.  Probably the most important part of your social media strategy is the creation of great content.  Not only that but making sure it is the right type of content at the right times.  This is a real art!  We will also need to connect with the right people. If you want to achieve high amounts of followers and receive lots of ‘likes’, you have to be a giver. This is especially true for smaller businesses so this is what we will do.  And then interact, engage and repeat… Social media requires patience and continuous positivity.  We will monitor and streamline the operation as we go, giving you feedback and help tips along the way.

Let your Dynamek website do the talking.

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