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We can provide a pre-designed template based website of your choice with your logo and colours.

Pre-designed means less time and therefore less money is needed to get your website live.  You could have a new website within just one day!  This is one of the easiest ways to get a cheap website online fast.

Cheap websites Cornwall

You may see free website builders online where you may just pay for the domain or for the hosting but are they professional?  Can the cheap or free websites be found on Google?  Do they show your business off to the best it can be?  Are they full of unwanted adverts?

Our template websites are professionally built with you in mind.  They will show your business off without horrible adverts or unsightly graphics.

Prices start from £30 a month for a small website and have a minimum term contract of 6 months.


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Let your Dynamek website do the talking.

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